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Attendee Information

June 14-16, 2024, Asheville, NC

We are so happy that you are joining us! Your response and encouragement is beyond our expectations. Here is everything you need to know before your arrival. Two important reminders:

  • You MUST have a confirmed registration. There will be NO drop-ins or single dance tickets. If you are not on our list, you will be turned away at the door. You will receive direct e-mail from us with additional information and reminders.

  • There is NO CAMPING, NO SLEEPING IN CARS, NO SWIMMING on the grounds of Warren Wilson College. Please just don't!


If you have questions, don't hesitate to e-mail us at or use the "Contact" link in the menu above.

Dance Schedule and Events

The current schedule is here (subject to change).

Remember that Friday dinner is on your own.

Special activities include:

  • By special request, Fusion Dancing is on the schedule for Friday night at 11:45 pm after the contradance.

  • Cis Hinkle will be leading a "Callers Conversations" session Saturday afternoon at 2 pm where new and experienced callers can share experiences and discuss all things related to calling. Cis was recently interviewed for the CDSS podcast, From the Mic. Take a listen!

  • Rushfest will be back Saturday afternoon at 3:15 pm

  • Don't miss Sam Bartlett's Stuntology session Saturday afternoon at 4:45 pm

  • ... plus lots more!

What to Bring

  • Printed and filled-out parking permit (will be e-mailed separately to all registrants)

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Dance clothes and shoes

  • Flashlight

  • Extra cash to purchase any merchandise, further support the talent, or enjoy Sunshine Sammies Ice Cream Truck after dancing to the Ice Cream Truckers. (We are still sampling their offerings.....just to be sure they are up to Soirée standards).

  • (If staying in the dorms): Linens: bath towel, washcloth, 2 sheets (twin size), pillowcase, light blanket, and pillow.

  • (If participating in yoga): Yoga mat and towel for extra support


Everyone will be sent a parking pass via e-mail. It would be helpful to print it out ahead of time, fill in your name, and leave it on the driver's side of the dashboard. Whether you are staying on campus or not, you should park in the designated Weekend Parking locations shown on the Summer Soirée map. Note that there is no parking around the chapel or at the very far end of the parking lot behind Kittredge Hall.

Staying On Campus?

Follow signs for Check-In and you may utilize Short Term Parking near Bryson Gym and the dorms to park, register, and unload your car. Please then proceed to the Weekend Parking areas.

Staying Off Campus?

Please proceed directly to the Weekend Parking areas to park. Then walk over to Bryson Gym to register and enjoy the weekend.


Check-in is from 4:30 - 7 pm on Friday at Bryson Gym but someone will always be available to check you in. If you are not staying on campus please follow the signs to the Weekend Parking areas prior to check-in. If you are staying on campus then you can park in the short term parking areas to check-in and unload your car. Please see the Summer Soirée map for designated parking locations.


Depending on the options you chose during registration for Summer Soirée, you will receive:

  • Your personalized dance button. This is your ticket. Wear it for admission into Bryson Gym and for all dance sessions and workshops all weekend.

  • Your T-shirt if you pre-ordered one. There will be none for sale at the dance.

  • Your green wrist band if you purchased the full meal plan or a yellow wrist band if you purchased just the Saturday dinner.

  • Your dorm and room assignment if staying on campus. You will then be able to unload your belongings near your assigned dorm.


We will be using both the Sunderland and the Vining B dorms this year as shown on the Summer Soirée map. Things to note:

  • Bring your linens: bath towel, washcloth, 2 sheets (twin size), pillowcase, light blanket, and pillow.

  • Do not leave valuables in the dorms. We will not be issuing keys to lock your room when you leave. They can be locked from the inside while you sleep.

  • Entry in to the dorm buildings requires a key code which will be issued to you when you check in.

  • Campus WiFi network is "WWC" and then follow the instructions to sign in as a guest.

  • Please vacate your dorm room by 10 am on Sunday.

Location and Weather

Warren Wilson College is located about 10 miles east of Asheville, NC. If you are driving, set your GPS to:

  • 102 Upper College Rd, Swannanoa, NC 28778

If you are flying, the most convenient airports are

  • Asheville, NC (AVL) - 30 minute drive

  • Greenville-Spartansburg, SC (GSP) - 90 minute drive

  • Kingsport, TN (TRI) - 90 minute drive

  • Charlotte, NC (CLT) - 2 hour drive


Asheville summer weather can be quite variable. It's a good idea to bring some rain gear (light jacket, windbreaker, or umbrella) to accommodate any weather when walking between the dance venues, dorms, and dining hall.

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